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High Pressure Cylinders Manufacturer - KAVOSH(CNG)

Kavosh High Pressure Cylinders Manufacturer was established in 2003 with cooperation of turbo compressor manufacturer, as the first CNG cylinders manufacturer in Iran.
Phase 1 with a nominal capacity of 120000 cylinders per year along with executive operation was accomplished by the end of 2005.
We developed our production line in 2008, in response to ever increasing demand for CNG cylinders from car manufacturers.
The current production capacity stands at 200000 cylinders per annum, in different volume sizes from 20 to 133 liters.
Other company’s products, include cylinders for CNG stations and other industrial cylinders which can be used in hospitals, firefighting stations and industrial factories.


Laboratory of Kavosh co.

Laboratory of Kavosh co. has started working since 2005 with the aim of precise studying on the quality of CNG cylinders production.
This laboratory acquired ISO/IES 17025 from National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI) also a collaborative certificate from Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI).
This laboratory can cover a wide range of CNG cylinder tests, and has had close collaboration with ISIRI for provision and editing related standards such as ISIRI 9426, ISIRI 7598 and ISO 3170.


CNG Cylinders (Car) CNG-Station Cylinders (Station) Industrial Cylinders